Seeds of Decay - 5e campaign setting, bestiary, & adventure

Created by Darryl T. Jones

A crack has formed in the darkness, leaking decay into the forest, twisting its creatures into terrible monstrosities.

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Final 48 Hours - Alchemy Highlight + Special All-in BONUS + More VTT details
about 1 year ago – Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 12:57:49 AM

You guys blew up the last stretch goal! Only two remain!

Thank you for joining me in this incredible journey. 


Free Shipping for anyone at the All-in Collection tier!

That's right! For anyone who backs at the All-in Collection level your shipping is included. Shipping and any applicable VAT charges are on me. While I don't have the final shipping weight calculated yet (you've all unlocked so much extra goodies) that is at least a $35 value for US backers and $70 worldwide (honestly, it could be more)!


Alchemy and VTT Components Highlight

I can't tell how cool it's going to be to have Seeds of Decay on Alchemy. 

Alchemy is a rich experiential storytelling platform, that re-imagines the experience of playing tabletop role-playing games for a new generation by creating an environment of rich multi-sensory immersion.

Designed from the inside out, the experience of telling interactive stories within Alchemy is unlike anything else. Contextualized ambient soundscapes and musical scores transport the imagination while artwork comes alive in cinemographs with subtle motion and particle effects.

 Watch the video below for a scene example with sound, movement and Alchemy's intuitive layout.

Tactical maps look beautiful in Alchemy
Fully illustrated tokens for NPCs & Monsters


Share Seeds of Decay with your friends!

The most powerful asset any Kickstarter project has, is its community. That's you! 

The last 48 hours is critical for any campaign and with your help we can hit that final stretch goal. I've collected a batch of images, most of them are square that you can use in your social media posts. 

Images >

If you would, grab one of these images, share it on your social media platform of choice and tell your friends to go to

Thank you all!

I couldn't have done this without you, sincerely,

Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

All-in Pledge Tier announcement & Animated Spell Cards
about 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 01:20:41 PM

Announcement! Announcement!

Can you believe there is only one week left! I can't thank you enough. But I'm going to try. :)

You can hear Animal's voice, can't you? "ANNOUNCEMENT!"

NEW STRETCH GOAL: 30 Animated Spell Cards!

I've had multiple requests for animated spell cards done in the style pioneered by Hit Point Press.  I've created a ton of spells for Seeds of Decay and I'm truly excited to be developing and illustrating these cards for the project.  We'll unlock these beauties at $120,000! Let's goooooooo!

We have a full week to raise the funds needed for this stretch goal and I'm confident we'll get there. Please tell your friends that you want to see them in the Alwaysgreen Forest with you!

All-in Collection Tier

The response from you for the add-ons has been so strong it only seems natural to create a pledge tier that includes everything! Yep. Absolutely everything! And at a huge discount! This tier even includes the Kickstarter exclusive Hex Chest and Spell Book from Elderwood, items I was previously unable to offer included in a tier. 

Here's the full list!

  • Book - Hardback Source Book
  • Book - Leather Gold-foil Hardback 
  • PDF - Digital Source Book
  • PDF - Side Quest: TK Johnson *
  • PDF - Location: Jamison Stone *
  • VTT - Digital Maps & Tokens
  • VTT - Alchemy Integration *
  • Deck - Monster, NPC, Encounter
  • Deck - 15 Dungeon Scribe Items *
  • Deck - 15 More Monsters *
  • Deck - 30 Animated Spell Cards *
  • Tool - Character Sheet Pack
  • Tool - Foldout Map Pack
  • Tool - Player Reference Cards
  • Tool - Premium GM Screen *
  • STL - Monster Pack *
  • Accessory - 7 Resin Decay Dice
  • Accessory - 7 Olivewood Dice 
  • Accessory - Elderwood Hex Chest 
  • Accessory - Elderwood Spell Book

*Stretch goals

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Seeds of Decay wouldn't exists without you. 


Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)


Projects We Love - Crucible

I've been able to make some great friends through 5e! Alex and TJ are among them. They've come together to make an awesome new monthly magazine, made just for 5th Edition. It's live now here on Kickstarter—CRUCIBLE MAGAZINE!

Beautiful New Stuff for 5E. Crucible is a monthly magazine packed with over 80 pages of fifth edition content like adventures, subclasses, magic items, a four page comic, interviews, and more! Today is the first day to hop on the Kickstarter at where you can get a FREE copy of their launch issue!

2 More Stretch Goals Unlocked!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 09:07:55 PM

This train isn't stopping any time soon!

We've unlocked two more stretch goals in the last week! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart! 



$90,000 - More Monsters added to the Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards

I'm adding more creatures to the Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards. Many with higher CR and wilder abilities!

  •  Free Tier Upgrade - Added to all tiers that include the Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards
  •  Free Add-on Upgrade - 15 more cards added to Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards add-on with no additional cost to backers
The Moss Boar is one of over 60 creatures in the Twisted Forest Bestiary!



$70,000 - Items & Contraptions added to the Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards UNLOCKED

I'm very excited to be working with the Dungeon Scribe. These 15 new magic items designed by our guest creator are sure to delight players and GMs!

  •  Free Tier Upgrade - Added to all tiers that include the Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards
  •  Free Add-on Upgrade - 15 more cards added to Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards add-on with no additional cost to backers

Dungeon Scribe: Who is that?!

Hos - The Dungeon Scribe: An artist and creator of magical items/oddities. The Dungeon Scribe's work has been featured in many places, including Critical Role!


$80,000 - Unique Location, Items & NPC by Jamison Stone UNLOCKED

Jamison Stone of Apotheosis Studios and Satine's Quest brings his amazing talents to Seeds of Decay to create a special magical location. Stocked with magic items and creative plot hooks, this location is sure to bring players back again and again.

  • Included for free in all tiers as a PDF


Projects We Love - Elements of Inspiration 

Set off for adventure with Elements of Inspiration! The most expansive, detailed, and dynamic tool for fantasy roleplaying games and storytelling Nord Games has ever created. This 420-card box set contains 9 decks, each for a different environment. So no matter where the heroes go, there will be exciting events to experience.


Have a great week! Be looking for a big announcement Thursday!


TK Johnson Seedy Side Quest Unlocked + Bonus Stretch Goal of Magic Item Cards Added
about 1 year ago – Wed, Feb 09, 2022 at 07:32:31 PM

We're racing toward another stretch goal!

Another stretch goal has fallen and I owe it all to you, the wonderful backers that are excited to explore Seeds of Decay! Thank you. 

TK Johnson will be writing an amazing adventure for Seeds of Decay. They've also written for Humblewood, Zweihander, and Pathfinder! The floating waterfall village they have planned is going to add a new location and side quest to the already packed Seeds of Decay campaign!

  • Included for free in all tiers as a PDF

New $70 Stretch Goal: Dungeon Scribe to Design a set of Magic Items

Look at those beautiful items!

My buddy Hos, the Dungeon Scribe as agreed to join the tot infested Alwaysgreen Forest and he's brought his magic making tools with him! I'm very excited to be working with the Dungeon Scribe. These 15 new magic items he's designed are sure to delight players and GMs!

  •  Free Tier Upgrade - Added to all tiers that include the Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards
  •  Free Add-on Upgrade - 15 more cards added to Monster, NPC, Encounter Cards add-on with no additional cost to backers


What about that poll?

Thanks for fantastic participation in the recent poll.  About a third of our backers participated within 24 hours of it's posting. Here are the results. 

What art should be on the cover of the Seeds of Decay book? 

A: The Rot Weaver is the clear winner so we'll be keeping the original cover design! 

What interests you the most about Seeds of Decay? The top three answers, in order of preference were:

  • 1 - Woodland adventure
  • 2 - New player options
  • 3 - New monsters

I love these answers because that is exactly what is in the book! I'm so stoked to be making this content for you.

What would you like to see added to the Seeds of Decay Kickstarter, if possible? The top three answers were: 

  • 1 - More adventure, such as side quests
  • 2 - A set of magic item cards
  • 3 - More game tools, such as a campaign journal

I have additional side quests to unlock (one or two more maybe announced) and thanks to your interest, I 15 magic item cards to the Monster, NPC and Encounter cards. Those details are already shown above. :) 

I appreciate each of you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.  Your answers have helped me to focus the next phase of the Kickstarter Campaign.


Projects We Love: Micro Dungeons II & Undead Edition for 5e DnD 

Micro Dungeons is a short selection of small dungeons for both new and experienced players of 5E DnD, that can be played in a few hours, with an old-school feel. This time we bring you two editions of Micro Dungeons in the same campaign:
  Micro Dungeons II brings the same style of game as the original Micro Dungeon in five new Dungeons.
  Micro Dungeons Undead Edition is our new thematic edition with dungeons filled with undead creatures like Zombies, Skeletons, Ghosts, and more.

I've backed several micro dungeons. The quality is great and the price is phenomenal. Honestly, you can't go wrong for just $1.  


Thanks again and keep your Dobbers up!

Sincerely, Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

Clockwork Trap: Content highlight #2 + Cover Vote
about 1 year ago – Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 05:47:36 PM

It's been an amazing first week! 

Thank you so much for all the amazing support. Seeds of Decay is already a fantastic success!

We're going to be unlocking another stretch goal very very soon! So, I thought this was a good time talk to you about the cover of the book and to tell you more about contraptions!

Cover Vote

I've gotten a lot of fantastic feedback on the art I've been working on for Seeds of Decay.  So, we've decided to let you all vote on what cover we should use for the book. Some of you are exited about the monsters. Some are excited about the new player options. I'm excited for both! Tell me which cover you prefer and we'll make it happen!

Vote here!


Contraptions are a fun and exciting part of the Alwaysgreen Forest. Tinkerers and some magic users, can make contraptions by enhancing the tools they use every day to make their lives easier. With time they've became more complex and able to do more things. Contraptions take on many forms, but to help tinkerers and those aspiring to be, I've broken them into multiple categories. 

  • Traps
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Equipment

Seeds of Decay will come with an entire appendix of contraptions. Certain classes will begin with their own portfolio of contraption diagrams that they can build. They will be able to add to that portfolio throughout the campaign through leveling. GMs can also share diagrams within the story of the game. Additionally, players can create their own diagrams by working with their GM. Your imagination is the only limit! 

Thornwork Trap

Contraptions have four degrees of complexity which indicates the difficulty of a given diagram. You can think of it like spell slots. The higher your level, the more complex your contraptions can be. Complexity levels are:

  • Simple
  • Common
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Unreplaceable 
A clockwork familiar is an example of an unreplaceable contraption. Once it's made, a duplicate can never be made again. Other contraptions can be made again and again as long as you have a diagram.

Projects we love - In Soviet Russia, Spy Are You! - A Tabletop Roleplaying Game

I had to share this fun little RPG with you. My buddy Ben Palmer with Adventures Await! Ben has designed an entire system with Russian Roulette as it's core mechanic. You should check it out. You may remember Adventures Await from his Kickstarter from last year. I helped with some illustration and graphic design for the page.

Thank you all so much! 


Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)