Seeds of Decay - 5e campaign setting, bestiary, & adventure

Created by Darryl T. Jones

A crack has formed in the darkness, leaking decay into the forest, twisting its creatures into terrible monstrosities.

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October/November check-in, new page design, and a peek toward the future
about 1 month ago – Thu, Nov 03, 2022 at 12:26:22 AM

Greetings Heroes!

Hail and well met. Our adventure continues and you, my intrepid party, are the reason for our success. As we draw nearer to the tomb of the Rot Weaver, I need you to be vigilant and soldier on. Only a few more quests lie upon the Dark Desk of keyboard striking. Once he is defeated, our journey continues along a different path.  We must storm the Keep of Manufacturing, embark upon the Treacherous Seas of international shipping and finally we can celebrate our victory at the palace of Lord Fulfillment. There is much yet to do, but even more has already been done! 

So what is done?

  • Introduction
  • New Player Heritages (races)
  • New Backgrounds
  • New Classes
  • New Subclasses
  • Magic Items
  • Spells
  • Monsters
  • Contraptioneering Activity
  • Foraging Activity 
  • 10 of the 14 Quests that make up the Adventure Arc

Many of these sections are in their first draft state, and have just begun the editing process. So, it's still going to be a while before I can share an alpha PDF. But, that being said, I'm eager to do so. You'll get to see Seeds of Decay as soon as I'm able to share it.

New Page Design

Many of you have downloaded the Introduction PDF and the Plaguewood Spider adventure PDF. The page design and layout of these, I believed was strong. As such, I was planning to use most of those design elements throughout the full book.  However, as the book continued to grow, I began to feel I could incorporate some improvements that would make the book more user friendly. So, I've redesigned the page. In the new design, I use a three-column layout. The third column will be used for reference, making it easier for those reading it to quickly find more information about any given point as soon as they come across it.  Additionally, the bottom of each page will be color coded to the current section and will include the section and subsection titles. Here is the proposed design:

New improved page design, focusing on ease of use

The better the visual design, the more accessable text and tools become. I hope you like this concept. I'd love to hear your feedback. 

What's Next? Acrylic Tokens!

As promised, it's time I tell you what is coming from Splattered Ink Games next. I first must share that I really appreciate the time Rico from Hit Point Press as invested in me. We were talking about the future of Splattered Ink Games and what ideas I had in development. Of course, there's Seeds of Decay II (The Silent King). Plus, A Time Traveler's Guide to Dinosaur Hunting (not kidding at all). Those projects are going to be amazing, but right now all of my energy is on finishing Seeds of Decay for you amazing people! So the question became, how can I move Splattered Ink Games forward without detracting from Seeds of Decay? The answer was right in front of me, acrylic creature tokens. 

For the past two years I've been working with Tom Cartos, drawing top-down illustrations of every creature in the 5e SRD. Those are almost done. Seriously, I only have a handful more to do and the entire SRD will be drawn.  So I sent those illustrations to my manufacturer to produce some acrylic samples and they came out amazing! Check it out:

Acrylic token-minis shown on Seeds of Decay maps

These tokens are beautiful, portable and affordable. The Kickstarter price will be significantly less than any unpainted mini you can buy, plus you'll be able to carry the whole SRD in a few binders. You'll see for yourself when the KS launches. The penciled in launch date is January 4th, 2023. You can follow it here. :)


  •  New Kickstarter 
  • Won't interfere with Seeds of Decay completion 
  • Quick delivery because the work will already be done
  • Seeds of Decay backers get a special loyalty bonus (read below)

As a special bonus to you all, any backer of Seeds of Decay will get a pack of Seeds of Decay creatures for free! That's right, if you back at any physical level, you'll get the Seeds of Decay creature pack included at no cost. I've always had a knack for making little tools or other elements that help game play. I'm really excited to share these token-minis with you.  

Watch the following video all the way to the end so see a few of the special Seeds of Decay acrylic token-minis:

 So go follow that Kickstarter page. Show the world that you support indie publishers!

Speaking of Tom Cartos:

Into the Wilds is a collection of 6 fully customisable, biome and region themed battlemap books for your favourite TTRPG. They are ideal for pre-set or random encounters out in the wilderness, so you can be fully prepared no matter which direction your players choose to head in.

Tom has been producing amazing maps for TTRPGs for years. I've loved working with him on the SRD tokens and you're going to love the beautiful map books he's crowdfunding drawn. There's only 48 hours left. Don't miss out!


As always, thank you for the support and continued encouragement! I love that I get to do this work. Its so fulfilling and rewarding!

Happy gaming! 

-Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

Final Reminder: Orders Lock & Credit Cards Charged
3 months ago – Wed, Aug 31, 2022 at 02:57:11 PM

Greetings fellow denizens of Rohr-tan, the Rot Weaver,

I hope you've all had a great summer. It certainly has been busy and full of new experiences for my family and I. I'll continue to push toward completion of the remaining parts of Seeds of Decay. Many parts have come together nicely and I'm excited to how the sum whole will be so much greater than it's parts!

The Mysterious Firework

The Rat Claw Clan Warrior you recently dispatched lies lifelessly in a heap. The murderous ratkin was carrying a large satchel, a long, cylindrical shape can be identified through the cavas. Inside you find a bundle of mysterious bamboo tubes, rolled in a scrap of hide. You now have 2d4 Mysterious Fireworks.

More Magic Items

I know you wanted to see more!

Shard Tabletop Preview

Free VTT One Shot on Shard!

I've shared that it is my goal to see Seeds of Decay on many of the available platforms and in different game systems. I'm very pleased to share with you that we've begun integration of the full Seeds of Decay product into Shard Tabletop. You can add the free one shot, The Plaguewood Spider, to your Shard account now, just click here! 

Orders will lock at midnight tonight - Cards charged tomorrow

This is the final (final) reminder. I understand that communication is key in this type of project.  However, moving forward, I plan go back to monthly updates. It's time to focus on final part of development and production.

Cards will be charged for post-Kickstarter addons and late pledges tomorrow. 

Shipping will be charged when we near fulfillment. You will not be charged shipping at this time. This delay has become a necessary step for most small businesses using crowdfunding to create new products. I appreciate your understanding.



Darryl T. Jones aka Splattered Ink

Orders Lock Tomorrow, August 30th - Plus Magic Items Preview
3 months ago – Wed, Aug 31, 2022 at 02:45:39 PM

Hello Dobberton! 

Orders lock tomorrow. 

Just a short message to remind you that orders lock tomorrow at midnight. Your credit cards will be charged after that, so get those final changes and updates in.

Magic Items

Magic items sneak peek.

Look at those beautiful items from Dungeon Scribe. All 15 are already in development. Tomorrow, I plan to give a final remind about cards being charged. At that time I'll reveal the text and features for one of these. Which one should it be? Let me know in the comments. 

Missing Surveys

We still have 115 missing surveys left. If you've not filled out your survey, you will not be able to change your order after midnight tomorrow. 

Shipping will be charged when we near fulfillment.

Just another reminder that you will not be charged shipping at this time. This delay has become a necessary step for most small businesses using crowdfunding to create new products. I appreciate your understanding.



Darryl T. Jones aka Splattered Ink

August Update - Addons & Late Pledges End in 1 Week
3 months ago – Wed, Aug 24, 2022 at 07:28:24 PM

Hello Adventurers!

This is a quick update to remind you that the deadline for late pledges and add-ons is fast approaching. 

Your credit cards will be charged on August 30th. 

We'll be locking orders at that time so that we have a final count on items for manufacturing. So exciting! Don't miss your chance to add on all the goodies and accessories you want to make your game epic. 

Missing Surveys

We still have a few missing surveys, 123 to be exact. If you've not filled out your survey, you will not be able to change your order after August 30th.  

Shipping will be charged when we near fulfillment. 

Just another reminder that you will not be charged shipping at this time. This delay has become a necessary step for most small businesses using crowdfunding to create new products. I appreciate your understanding.  

Just before the rain.



Darryl T. Jones aka Splattered Ink

July Update - Introducing Kat
4 months ago – Mon, Jul 25, 2022 at 05:51:28 PM

Greetings Adventurers!

Summer continues to roll along at an incredible pace. I hope you're buckled in. It can be a bumpy ride at times. There's so much to do and so many projects going, it's hard to keep track of it all. Good thing I have a system.

The Tinkerers are Coming

The tinkerer class is going to be one of the most unique classes for 5e that I've ever seen. I'm so excited I've decided to share the class introduction. This should give you a good feel for the class and mood.

If you're interested in playtesting, join my discord and let me know! the Splattered Ink Discord!

Meet Kat Kruger

Kat has been gracious enough to join as a guest writer, providing a special groundhog themed quest that fits perfectly into the overall adventure arc. I'm very excited to be working with Kat. I can already see she's a better fit for Seeds of Decay than who had previously been filling this role. 

You can find all of her work at and follow her on Twitter @KatKruger.

Olivewood Dice!

Aren't they pretty!

These are actual photos of the olivewood dice we're producing. I will have these and the resin with me at GenCon! I'm super excited to finally get them in hand.

3 tickets left for Saudade at Gamehole Con!

Click here --> Gamehole Con 2022 Splattered Ink Events

Saudade is a time traveling, multiversal campaign I'll be working on next year. Join me at Gamehole Con to be one of the first to get to play test this mind bending adventure.

Saudade: a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for something or someone that one cares for and/or loves.

Backerkit Preorders and Surveys Close Next Month

Backerkit preorders will stay open until the end of August.

Sorry for the confusion. In the last update, I said I'd be closing backerkit in July. Until the last survey I'd been saying August. The correct date is August 30th, 2022. 

There will be multiple updates in August to help make sure everyone has ample notice.

Missing Surveys

Were down to 132 missing surveys. If you're seeing this update and have not completed your survey, please get one it. Thank you! Next update will probably be last call for surveys.

The guide posted in this update will help you with your survey if you are unsure how to complete it. Also, Hit Point Press put together this amazing guide for how things work Post-Kickstarter.

You should have your survey by now, but if not:

1) Confirm what email address you used to pledge on Kickstarter

2) Double check your junk/spam folder.

3) Use this link to resend the survey to your email address!

If after completing all of these steps you're still unable to locate your survey, reach out to support at or join the Discord!



Darryl T. Jones aka Splattered Ink