Seeds of Decay - 5e campaign setting, bestiary, & adventure

Created by Darryl T. Jones

A crack has formed in the darkness, leaking decay into the forest, twisting its creatures into terrible monstrosities.

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IMPORTANT! - Last Chance to Change Your Address
26 days ago – Tue, Jun 25, 2024 at 12:03:15 PM

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Shipping Charged, Fulfillment Starting NOW!
27 days ago – Mon, Jun 24, 2024 at 01:03:47 PM

Shipping Charges and Fulfillment Update

This is a short update primarily to let you know that the charges for shipping have been added to Backerkit

US & North American Fulfillment: The ship took a while to take its turn through the Panama Canal, but eventually made it through! The vessel then arrived in New York about 5 days ago. Drum roll please... Seeds of Decay arrived at our Fulfillment partner in Cleveland TODAY! That's right, 6/24/2024. They'll get boxes and parts organized as quickly as possible and begin sending your rewards.

Fulfillment to Europe and the Rest of the World: More good news! The goods are expected to arrive at our fulfillment partner tomorrow, 6/24/24! You'll have your rewards soon!

Shipping Charges on Backerkit

Most charges have gone through without a hitch. A few of you need to change or update your credit cards. 

Click here for instructions provided by Backerkit

I know there are a few of you who have some support requests. I'm on my way back from Origins Game Fair and it may take a few days before I can get to you, but rest assured, Devin or I will. 

Adventures Await: Arcane Armaments - Kickstarter is Live Now!

"Adventures Awaits: Arcane Armaments is a collection of 200 unique magic items for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. They’re perfect for filling the chests, vaults, and magical caches hidden across your world, or for spicing up encounters by giving the players’ adversaries tools and tricks they might not expect. Whether it’s enchanted swords, arcane-infused armors, or strange and intriguing wondrous items your campaign needs, this book has them all." - From the Kickstarter page

Go over and check out this Kickstarter! This indie publisher is a personal friend of mine and we should go show them some love. 

Here is the link to the Kickstarter:

Thank you all,

Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

Seeds of Decay is on the High Seas, More Pictures, and Convention Season is Here!
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 22, 2024 at 08:14:56 AM

U.S.S. Seeds of Decay is on the High Seas

In the last post, we shared pictures of Seeds of Decay samples from manufacturing. Now we have even more exciting news, Seeds of Decay is making its voyage across the sea. In fact, Seeds of Decay is heading through the Panama Canal as we speak. You can see for yourself!

Here is the link to track the vessel that's carrying Seeds of Decay. (No, it's not actually called the U.S.S. Seeds of Decay, even though it should be.):

North American Fulfillment: The vessel is scheduled to reach its East Coast port at the end of this month and arrive at our fulfillment partner about a week later. Fulfillment will begin immediately. Some of you will have your copy before Origins. I simply can't wait! 

Fulfillment to Europe and the Rest of the World: Apologies for not having a link for this vessel. It is also on schedule and should reach port in the UK a few weeks after the US bound vessel. Similarly, fulfillment will begin shortly after that. You should start seeing packages at the end of June.

I found this fascinating video on X of how the Panama Canal actually works.

I don't know who made the video. You can see it's been mirrored, with the Atlantic on the left and the Pacific on the right, not sure why, but it's still a pretty amazing little video.

Shipping Charges: Shipping charges will be added to Backerkit in the next few days. I'm just waiting on a couple of final details from our fulfillment partner. I'll post another, very short update just to confirm when they do.

More Pictures of Seeds of Decay

I simply love the way our Seeds of Decay box came out! The contrast between the matte finish and gold foil is sure to be a showpiece on any shelf. I must say that is one glorious and shiny box!

Convention Season is Upon Us!

As summer is approaching, that means conventions are on the horizon, and we're going to be at two of 'em: Origins and Gen Con! We even have a booth at Origins where you can come by and say hi. We always love meeting all of you and getting to play Seeds of Decay. You can find us at booth 1932:

Between the two conventions, we have four different sessions of Seeds of Decay: Something Rotten in Oak Den, The Sting of Decay, The Plaguewood Spider, and The Neverling! You can sign up for any of the sessions now on both conventions' respected event registration sites. Here is some information about the sessions we're running:

  • Something Rotten in Oak Den - A crack has formed in the darkness, leaking rot and decay. Strange and unnatural creatures have been seen in the shadows. The forest needs heroes! Find the cause of the spreading rot and stop it before it's too late! Seeds of Decay Session 1.
  • The Sting of Decay - Giant, rot-infected bees terrorize the forest. The honey is spoiled with rot poison, and the queen has been twisted into a terrible creature of decay, a bee-hemoth. Can the farm be saved? The party must act quickly to save the farm and stop the rot from spreading further. Seeds of Decay Session 2.
  • The Plaguewood Spider - Your party must track down a mysterious creature that has been terrorizing the farms of Lytewick. Your only clue is a young goat that has been turned to stone. Seeds of Decay Session 3.
  • The Neverling (Only at Gen Con) - A corrupted awakened tree has covered the town of Timberborn in nightmarish clockwork insects. The only way to stop it is a secret lost in catacombs under a clockwork tower.

Origins Events:

Gen Con Events:

If you have the itch to get Seeds of Decay to the table, then definitely sign up for a session or two. It's always a blast getting to play these games at conventions, and I guarantee it will be a highlight for you!

Thank You All,

Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

P.S. I have room for one more GM at Origins. It includes a 4-day badge and other Splattered Ink exclusives. Sign up here:

Manufacturing Preview
4 months ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 02:39:11 PM

Hey there Dobber Family!

Manufacturing is humming along and I wanted to share some progress!

The short video below showcases some sample of items from the our manufacturer. You'll see the deluxe cover, an updated standard cover, and the set of 30 lenticular, animated spell cards. There are a couple of changes being applied to the final version of the spell cards, such as the trim size and the text showing through from the back. Other than those small things, I'm loving the look of these items. 

At the end of the video you can see a huge stack of character sheets and one of the large maps coming right off the printing press!

I couldn't be more excited! This project is all coming together so well!

Below are more photos from our manufacturer.

That's a big stack of pages!
Reference cards! I'm very excited to begin using these in my own games!
Animated spell cards - I'm so proud of these!

Delivery Timeline - No Changes! Still on Schedule

Manufacturing is underway and the timeline is largely out of my hands, but it's moving along smoothly! I will do my best to keep you updated if there are changes. 

Shipping charges will be published very soon, so you'll get another update in April with that. You'll be able to pay via Backerkit. The timeline is as follows:

  • March: manufacturing completes
  • April - May: freight window
  • June - July: fulfillment window

I must tell you about Floral Dragons!

My friends at Hit Point Press have put together a beautiful and unique 5e dragon supplement. Even if you don't play 5e, the Field Guide to Floral Dragons is a beautiful art and lore book!

Welcome to The Field Guide to Floral Dragons, your guide to dragons imbued with the essence of flowers. 

With their abundant blooms and specialized physiology, floral dragons can be beautiful. However, any wise forager or florist knows that some plants can be as deadly as they are gorgeous…

Open Your Field Guide to Find:

  • 200+ pages packed with stunning illustrations
  • 26 floral dragons, pests, pollinators & fungi, plus magic items & poisons
  • Rich lore of the floral dragons’ origins, their biology and habitats, and details of their relationships with people and other floral dragons
  • Fascinating field notes from floral dragon researchers, holding a tale of curiosity, despair, revenge, and hope
  • Stat blocks, traits & more to bring Floral Dragons to life in your roleplaying games

I'm a backer, check it out to see if it's right for you!

Have questions? Reach out!

Leave a comment, e-mail us at [email protected] or join the Discord!

Sincerely, Darryl

Unboxing Seeds of Decay, Digital Map Pack, and the Neverling!
5 months ago – Fri, Feb 16, 2024 at 09:44:39 AM

Full Unboxing Video for Seeds of Decay

I finally received samples of Seeds of Decay at the Splattered Ink headquarters and I'm so excited! I couldn't be happier! I can't wait for it to get sent to you all. 

Check out the unboxing video above where all the splendor that is Seeds of Decay is on full display. Notice how massive the book is! The book will have everything you need in abundance to run your Dobberton adventure.

Holding the book in my hands, going through each page, checking for errors, and reflecting on the journey to get here has been an amazing experience for me. 440 pages is a lot! I am thrilled with the quality of printing and materials used. I will be at GAMA in Louisville and Gary Con in Lake Geneva this March. I'd be happy for you to browse through one of the samples yourself. :)

Updated Delivery Timeline

Manufacturing is underway and the timeline is largely out of my hands. I will do my best to keep you updated if there are changes. Additionally, the shipping charges should be finalized in the next few weeks. I'll post an update as soon as I have them and you'll be able to pay via Backerkit. The expected timeline is as follows.

  • March: manufacturing completes
  • April - May: freight window
  • June - July: fulfillment window

I can't thank you enough for your ongoing support throughout this project. I've learned a lot and those lessons will help me run this business.

The Neverling is Coming!

We are happy to announce that The Neverling is coming to Kickstarter later this month. The Neverling is a zinequest adventure for 5e in the Seeds of Decay world. 

This one-shot (likely two-shot) was written for Seeds of Decay, but I found it didn't fit the overall narrative for that book. However, the clockwork tower and the Neverling, a nightmarish awakened tree, were too good to scrap. It was then I realized I liked the idea of releasing a few small pdf adventures for Seeds of Decay as lead-ins to the next big book. That is a long way off, but the Neverling is ready to go!

The Neverling book will be approximately 32 pages long, to be delivered as a PDF via DriveThruRPG. A printed version will be available in the traditional, saddle-stitched (stapled) zine-style, shipped via media mail. 

Here is a breakdown of the content:

  • 8 hand-drawn illustrations of NPCs, monsters, and items
  • 4 hand-drawn maps
  • 4 locations with keyed descriptions; Pine Loft, Timberborn, the Clockwork Tower, and the Catacombs
  • 3 new NPCs
  • 7 new monsters; Clockwork & Decay
  • 6 new contraptions for the Tinkerer class
  • 3 new magic items

Go follow the Neverling HERE:

What is Zine Quest? 

Every year Kickstarter launches Zine Quest, an initiative to promote more TTRPG projects and smaller publications on their platform. What are Zines? "RPG zines emerged in the early 1970s, and were hugely influential in the early days of role-playing game fandom and publishing." - Kickstarter call for Zine Quest 2024

Keep Adventuring,

Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)